Little Blessings Orps


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Ordering Policy and Special Services


MINIMUM ORDER:    No minimum if order is picked up or delivered.  ( Please contact me for shipping charges with the State you are having your order shipped to!) I DO NOT MAIL LIVE CHICKS, only hatching eggs!!!


DELIVERY AREAS: Will deliver chicks to the downtown Suffolk/Obici area VA , Franklin VA, and Ches Square areas for a 2.00 delivery charge no matter how many chicks or eggs ordered. There is no delivery charges if you pick up at my location.  ( Gates NC) Due to my very busy schedule it is MUCH easier on me if you are able to come to my location to meet me for your chicks. 


FORMS OF PAYMENTS ACCEPTED:  Paypal and cash if local.  Preferred payment is Paypal.  [email protected] is my paypal address.  If either of these forms of payment do not work for you, please contact me to discuss other options. Please email me your order at the above address and I will send an invoice from paypal.   To be added to a wait list a 5.00 deposit will be required.  Your $5.00 deposit  will be applied to your order.  Your 5.00 deposit is Non-refundable, unless we have a bad hatch and do NOT hatch enough chicks to fill your order!!!!!

WAIT LIST:  There will only be 3 on a wait list at a time.  A 5.00 deposit gets you on the wait list and will be applied to your order.  Your deposit is NON -REFUNDABLE, UNLESS we have a bad hatch and can NOT fill your order!!!!!


SEXING OF CHICKS:  My chickens are sold as straight run, I offer no guarantees that you will receive pullets or roos!!


SHIPPING DATES:  I  will be shipping Eggs Monday through Wednesday.  I DO NOT SHIP TO HI, AK,  ( or anywhere outside the US) 


GUARANTEE FOR LIVE BIRDS : Please examine the poultry at the time of delivery to be sure they arrived in good condition. . My customers are very valuable to me and I will do everything within my power to ensue your experience with us is a great one!!   I MUST BE NOTIFIED in WRITING  OF LOSSES WITHIN 3 DAYS FOLLOWING THE DELIVERY DATE FOR THIS GUARANTEE TO BE VALID.  I will replace the bird or refund your money, with in the 3 days of delivery!   The seller's liability for any reason whatsoever shall be limited to the amount paid for the goods or services claimed to be defective, and that in no event shall Seller be held liable for any consequential or incidental damages. By acceptance of the poultry, the Buyer acknowledges that the limitations and disclaimers herein set forth are conditions of the sale, and constitute the entire agreement between the parties regarding warranty or other liabilities and the remedy therefore.



HATCHING EGGS:  I cannot guarantee your hatch rate due to variables shipping and incubation methods. You are buying eggs.   However I do guarantee fresh eggs are collected and that I will do my best to make sure the eggs arrive in unbroken condition. ( I will include any extra eggs my sweet girls lay) Some eggs may contain a small amount of dirt, I do not clean the eggs as it can ruin fertility. Fertility has been great here!!!   I will not send overly dirty eggs either.  I do not replace broken eggs damaged by the USPS.  At this time I am not shipping to HI, AK ( or anywhere outside the US)



HEALTH CONCERNS: Live poultry can be a source of potentially harmful microorganisms; therefore, precautions must be taken when handling and caring for them, to prevent fecal/oral transmission among people. Adults must supervise children when they handle poultry to make sure they do not put their hands or fingers into their mouths. Do not keep baby poultry in the family living space. Always wash your hands with soap and water after handling poultry