Little Blessings Orps


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Quotes I am absolutely enjoying my silkie purchase! Such nice folks too! I actually plan on handing over my $10-$20 a chick hatching eggs to them to hatch for me! I find them trustworthy, and cross my fingers for 2 dark roos, so I can share one with them. Yes, free. A free dark colored Blue Laced Red Wyandotte with correct conformation. Dang near unheard of -I know, but find them totally trustworthy Absolutely recommend this family! Quotes
Joy B
Love my silkie chicks

Quotes I agree with you 100%, they are the most beautiful babies (in reguards to the barnyard mixes, out of 24 eggs she hatched 22 ) Quotes
Bessie M

Quotes We LOVE these cutie pies!! Quotes
Wendy C

Quotes Hippy and Dippy are doing very well and the kids love them! Quotes
April S